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Equipment Inventory & Repair Shop

(1) Komatsu PC-450 excavator - 115,000 pound class
(1) Komatsu PC-400 excavator - 115,000 pound class
(1) Komatsu PC-300-5 excavator - 95,000 pound class
(1) Komatsu PC-300-6 excavator - 86,000 pound class
(1) Komatsu PC-300-7 excavator - 86,000 pound class
(4) Linkbelt 370 excavator - 110,000 pound class
(2) Linkbelt 330 excavator - 90,000 pound class
(2) Linkbelt 210 excavator - 55,000 pound class
(1) Komatsu PC-200 excavator - 55,000 pound class
(1) Takahuchi mini excavator - 9,000 pound class
(1) 977 Cat Loader
(1) P & H 670 Crane
(4) Forklifts
(2) Case 580 Backhoes, with Hammer & Compactor Attachments and Extend-a-Hoe
(3) Cat Skidsteers with demolition package
Heavy Demolition — Demolition in Eugene, OR
Dam Demolition — Demolition in Eugene, OR
Heavy Concrete Removal — Demolition in Eugene, OR
Excavator Attachments:
(1) NPK M-38 Concrete/Steel Universal Processor
(9) NPK M-28 Concrete/Steel Universal Processors
(1) NPK M-20 Concrete/Steel Universal Processor
(1) NPK SX-26 Primary Concrete Processor
(1) NPK G-18 Secondary Concrete Processor
(1) NPK E-225 Hammer, 12,000 lb. Class
(1) NPK E-220 Hammer, 8,000 lb. Class
(1) NPKGH15
(1) 20X Hydraulic Hammer 6,000 lb.Class
(1) 10X Hydraulic Hammer 3,000 lb.Class
(9) Kenworth T-800 Tractors
(1) Euclid Off Road Truck
(5) Convert to 10-12 cubic Yard Bobtail Dump Trucks
(5) 40-60 Cubic Yard Debris End-Dump Trailers
(5) 30 Yard Concrete tub End-Dump Trailers
(2) 60 Ton Lowboy Trailer
(1) 25 Ton Lowboy Trailer
(1) 500 Gallon Vacuum Tank Truck
(1) Box Truck
(10) Service and Crew Cab Vehicles
To remain successful in the demolition business you must have world-class equipment. Buying an excavator is where the equipment investment just begins for Staton. New excavators are stripped down, armored up, reinforced, hot rodded, and out fitted for hydraulic attachments — magnets, shears, crushers and hammers. Our larger machines are engineered and constructed for quick attach high reach units that allow us to switch from a normally configured excavator to a high reach machine in just a few hours. Computers allow us to continuously monitor the efficiency of every machine to maintain optimum speed, efficiency and dependability.
Over the last 44 years we have built our maintenance department into a full service equipment shop, truck shop and machine shop. This asset allows us to manufacture, maintain and modify our assets of over 100 demolition machines, trucks, trailers, equipment and vehicles to a standard of safety and efficiency far beyond what most demolition contractors can achieve.
Staton Equipment — Demolition in Eugene, OR
Demolition work is very destructive to the equipment used to perform it. We ask a lot of our equipment to make us a "Smarter. Faster. Safer." Company. So prompt equipment maintenance and repair becomes one of the most important factors in project management. We utilize 3 fully equipped service trucks to perform field maintenance and repairs on a daily basis. We also maintain a large inventory of "spares"; cylinders, buckets, hydraulic implements, hoses, fittings, parts and rebuild kits for everything we own. Many of the more common parts are carried in our crew vehicles and our service trucks and are available on site for immediate repairs when necessary.

Our machine shop maintains an extra set of jaws for the 23 shears and concrete processors we own. When an equipment operator observes pre-determined wear indicators, signaling the time for rebuild, he calls for a replacement set of jaws to be installed at the end of that shift. The removed jaw set is taken back to the shop, rebuilt, and set on the shelf for the next call. This investment eliminates job site down time for rebuilding metal & concrete processors.

Our truck and trailer fleet is similarly purchased, built and modified to the Staton high efficiency standards. All of our trucks are Kenworth T-800s, one of the most efficient and reliable heavy duty tractors in the trucking industry. Our trucks are uniformly modified to connect to our fleet of high volume debris trailers, concrete tubs or flat beds. All trucks and trailers in our fleet are equipped with on board scales. On board scales allow our drivers to carry maximum legal loads to maximize safety and minimize transportation costs to our clients.

Thomas Kephart and his team of 6 skilled technicians, are largely responsible for this marvelously successful system. Thomas is a great innovator of high efficiency, long life demolition and trucking equipment.