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Demolition & Recycling

We have demolished over 300 bridges over highways, railroads, and rivers. Some over 200 feet high. Large and high-rise concrete structures and bridges dismantle easily and quickly with our hydraulic primary and secondary processors which pinch and pulverize concrete up to 42" thick. If we can't crush it, we break it with our hydraulic hammers, capable of removing massive concrete structures. These "quick-change" attachments fit on excavators in place of the bucket.
Heavy Demolition — Demolition in Eugene, OR
The process enables us to salvage and recycle as much as 100% of the reinforcement steel, and use the concrete as backfill material. When this is possible, we reduce hauling and disposal costs, as well as eliminate the purchase and import of other backfill materials. Other smaller breaker machines make up the remainder of our concrete demolition arsenal, along with on-board scale equipped trucks and trailers with a net payload of 25 tons. Please view our equipment inventory.
All of our excavators are equipped with thumbs which enable our operator to sort recyclable materials from general debris. All materials are then loaded into our 60 cubic yard debris trailers or our 25 ton tubs for disposal or recycling. Staton's projects in demolition have included numerous mills, industrial plants, shopping malls, schools, hydroelectric plants, dams, freeway overpasses, steel and concrete bridges, service stations, high-rise hotels, chemical plants, motels, barns, boilers, office complexes, hospitals, banks, warehouses, chimneys, water towers, silo's, chemical plants, car dealerships and private residences.
Steel Structure — Demolition in Eugene, OR
Industrial Plant — Demolition in Eugene, OR
Planning and experience are the secrets of success in today's fast paced work world. It is no different with demolition.
"Crunch, munch, bunch, load and haul" doesn't save money anymore. Sorting and recycling does! And it's ultimately better for the environment to re-use source materials or find other alternatives to landfilling the debris.
Dam Demolition — Demolition in Eugene, OR
Occasionally contracts mandate a certain amount of recycling. One such project for Marion County in Salem, Oregon required 90% recycling on the demolition of an entire downtown city block. Staton's crew achieved 95%. Staton routinely achieves over 90% recycling rates on our Industrial and Commercial demolition projects.

We consistently exceed our client's recycling goals, and continually set goals to challenge our own recycling efforts. Concrete, steel and wood processing/recycling is our specialty. If you choose to explore or exercise a high percentage recycling effort, Staton Companies can help you acheive your goals.
Wood Recycling
"Old Growth" lumber recovered and repurposed.
Metal Recycling
Metal assets recovered and repurposed.